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Health and Safety Program Development and Implementation

At JS Safety Consulting Ltd. we assist our clients in developing and implementing a health and safety management program that will meet our clients’ and their employees` specific needs. A successful health and safety management program requires the commitment and involvement of all levels of a company. It is this commitment and involvement between our clients, their employees and JS Safety Consulting Ltd. that ensures that our clients receive the best possible health and safety management program for their company.

Utilizing the 8 key elements of the Injury in Reduction Program ensures that a solid health and safety management program is developed with the goal of eliminating workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses. By working with our clients from the development stage to implementation ensure that our clients are provided the tools, knowledge and resources to successfully integrate health and safety into everyday operations.

JS Safety Consulting Ltd. is able to work with an employer on individual aspects or on all elements to provide a fully comprehensive Health and Safety Management Program.

1.  Management Leadership and Organizational Commitment: Management commitment and leadership is the essential foundation for a successful health and safety program. Management and employees working cooperatively together is required for a health and safety program to succeed.

2.  Hazard Identification and Assessments: Hazard identification and assessments impact all other elements and forms the basis for determining controls, need for regular inspections, training needs and where critical incidents have potential to occur. Hazard identification through job task analysis will determine the greatest health and safety risks for the business.

3.  Hazard Controls: Hazard controls eliminate or reduce their risk of hazards to an acceptable level. Implementation of adequate and appropriate hazard controls will result in a reduction of workplace incidents. Three methods of control are Engineering Controls, Administrate Controls and Personal Protective Equipment.

4.  Ongoing Inspections: Regulate inspections identify hazards not previously identified during the Hazard Identification and Assessment element as well as monitors the effectiveness of the controls implemented and provides an on-going method to improve the health and safety program.

5.  Qualification, Orientation and Training: Qualifications, orientation and training are essential to ensure employees perform their job tasks in a safe and health manner. An employer is responsible to ensure the employee is physically and mentally capable of the task assignment. Well trained, qualified employees results in a reduction of incidents and lost time as well as increased productivity.

6.  Emergency Response: An emergency response plan provides assurance that appropriate and efficient actions will take place in the event of an emergency or disaster. Employee response will be effective and appropriate minimizing the loss of life, injury and production when adequate training is provided.

7.  Accident and Incident Investigation: Accident and incident investigations determine the causes of the occurrence and when adequately analyzed will assist in the determination of corrective actions required to prevent a recurrence. The emphasis of investigations must be on fact finding not to assess blame.

8.  Program Administration: Program administration provides an evaluation of the overall coordination and effectiveness of the health and safety management system. Communications, employee participation, the process of corrective action, record keeping and the evaluation process are measured and evaluated.

Health and Safety Management Program Training

At JS Safety Consulting Ltd we realize that having a solid health and safety management program is only one aspect to building a successful health and safety program. To ensure our clients succeed we provide our clients with training on the various elements of the health and safety management program.

Work site Inspections

Inspecting your work site in a formal and informal process allows the opportunity of employers, supervisors and employees to identify hazards that require immediate action thus eliminating the possibility of an incident transpiring. At JS Safety Consulting Ltd. we recognize the importance that inspections of the workplace contribute to the overall successfulness of a health and safety management program. The inspection process evaluates not only the work environment but also encompasses the company’s’ processes, procedures, policies and employee participation. JS Safety Consulting Ltd, working in conjunction with the employer is able to create a process to effectively assess the work sites and provide training to Employers and Employees in the process.

Incident Investigation

When an incident does occur it is the legislated responsibility of the employer to conduct a thorough investigation immediately.  JS Safety Consulting Ltd. is able to provide Employers, Supervisors and Joint Health and Safety Committee members with the training to investigate incidents. At JS Safety Consulting Ltd. our training focuses on not laying blame but determining the indirect, direct and root causes of incidents. By determining the three contributing causes to a incident allows for permanent changes to be implemented to remove or reduce the risk of a recurrence.

Workers Compensation Board of Alberta Claims Management

All companies strive to have zero incidents occur on their work sites. However when a incident, injury or illness does transpire it is imperative that a company have a effective disability management program in place. JS Safety Consulting Ltd. is able to provide employers with the policies, procedures and process to effectively manage your workplace claims. By establishing an effective disability management program that focuses on suitable modified duties allows employers to retain valuable employees as well as mitigate your direct and indirect costs. JS Safety Consulting Ltd. is able to work with employers and employees develop employer specific disability management programs including Physical Demands Analysis for each position, modified duties based on each position and various types of injuries that occur, physician treatment forms, and the necessary training to have a successful disability management program.


At JS Safety Consulting Ltd. we are committed to upholding the standards set by the Alberta Government, Certifying Partners and the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta in the Partnership in Injury Reduction Program. JS Safety Consulting Ltd. is able to provide pre audit for those companies pursuing their Certificate of Recognition utilizing the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) protocols. The pre audit process is extremely helpful in determining any area of the health and safety management program that requires additional attention prior to pursuing a Certification Audit. 

JS Safety Consulting Ltd. is able to provide you with a qualified Health and Safety Auditor with numerous years of experience in various fields to conduct your Certification Audit or Maintenance Audit utilizing the Alberta Association for Safety Partnership protocols. Additionally our qualified and experienced auditors can conduct a baseline audit to determine the strengths and areas of improvement of your health and safety program, thus allowing companies to further develop their health and safety program in those area's that may prevent a company from obtaining their COR.

Certificate of Recognition/Partners in Injury Reduction Program

JS Safety Consulting Ltd. will assist our clients with pursuing a Certificate of Recognition (COR). Clients that successfully obtain a COR receive finical incentives from the Alberta Workers Compensation Board through the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program. It has been shown that clients that obtain their COR gain additional financial incentives by eliminating and reducing the impact that injuries have on operations.

WHMIS Training

All employees that work with or in the close proximity of chemicals must be trained in how to safely handle, use and store chemical in the workplace. Each employer in Alberta is required to ensure that all employees are provided WHMIS Training upon commencement of work as well must ensure that refresher training is provided annually. At JS Safety Consulting Ltd. we are able to customize and deliver a WHMIS Training program that incorporates your products into the training material. Client’s employees that successfully complete and pass will receive a laminated wallet size certificate.